The Divine Message

The Divine Message

Message to All
We are Beings of Light that’s all you need to know at the present moment in Time. We are here to help and Heal, that is our purpose. We serve Mankind, because that’s what we’ve been asked to do. Our Goal is for all of you to Transverse (I believe they meant transform!) or not sure of the words – into the Light.
We work on a level far above Guides & Spirits, even above the level you call Ascended Masters. If this Vibration was brought into your body then you would not be able to cope with this type of Energy. It’s like putting a Spinning Top into a Body. We work with symbols, because it’s easier for us to communicate this way. We thank you for being part of this experiment as we call it, but we both Benefit from what’s happening here today. It’s always about Sharing.

The above was channeled to me while I was watching Dolores regress one of
the students from the class in Norwich, UK in March 2009. I hope you get something out of this message as the Energy I felt when this came to me, made a difference to me.
Love & Light to all...
C/O James Frankland

Amazing person

"Enlightenment is Ego’s Ultimate Disappointment" - Chögyam Trungpa

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