Steph Schaeppi

He did a fine job. Having never been under hypnosis before, I didn't know what to expect. It was comfortable, calming, and really worked.

Megan Grewe

First off Tony from Guided Awakenings is amazing! He's down to earth and by far the easiest person to talk to. I feel like he's so much more than your usual hypnotherapist. I wish the universe would have brought him to me sooner! He's done more for me in the last few weeks than my doctor's and counselor have done in years. I am beyond grateful! The one hypnosis session was an enlightening experience. We traveled to a past life and ask my subconscious to heal my body. I have suffered with migraines for years, and the next morning I woke up for once migraine FREE and have been migraine FREE since! I also had been struggling with word recall when I speak, and since the session I have been remembering words while I am talking like normal! What a relief this has been! I also haven't been feeling depressed and down. I am more upbeat and positive, I feel amazing after this healing! I am so excited to do more sessions with Tony and go further into more past lives and just see what more this can bring! This has been such an amazing and uplifting experience for not only me, but my husband as well. I shared the video of my session with him and we were both able to learn things from this. (Yes, my subconscious actually likes him too!) I wasn't expecting a 3 hour session to heal my body, my emotions, take me into past lives and help with my marriage all at the same time. Hands down definitely worth it!! If you're even thinking about doing a session with Tony, I say think no more and go ahead and DO IT. You seriously have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this. You will thank yourself and then tell all your friends!



Willow Humpal

a year ago
Had a great session and will be going again😁 super calming voice

Serena Denmark (Be Limitless Hypnosis)

a year ago
Tony helped me find the past life cause of an issue I'm dealing with currently. He also spoke directly to my subconscious and I got answer...
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