Anthony and Brittany

What can we say about ourselves that would impress upon you to let us offer our services of healing to you. Our journey has been one of the most wildest and wackiest roller coasters in the cosmos. At the heart of everything we are true Twin Flames and were always in the same area but never got together until 4 years ago and ever since then we have grown physically, spirutually, emotionally, mentally. On our own we are both highly charged and very well in tuned with our gifts and guides and who we are but together it can be overwhelming in our energy as we are defientely opposing forces that truly break the cosmos. We bring our love and our passion to you and you expereince it through our services we offer. To us you are not just customers, clients, or patrons but are distant and extended family because realistically we are all called to do something and we are all working on the same end goal. We are so honored you gave us the time to look at our services and Brittanys products, they are truly amazingly crafted and beautiful. We wish you nothing but best wishes on your journey and hope you let us be apart of it.

"Enlightenment is Ego’s Ultimate Disappointment" - Chögyam Trungpa

Let me know if you have any questions about my services. I'll be glad to answer you.